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Michael Guo

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Kai Faerber

We've worked with over 100 western entrepreneurs & enterprises who came to do business in China.
Doing in business in China can be substantially harder than in other countries.

We perfectly understand the cultural differences as the strategies to identify trustworthy business partners. We assist not only with our interpretation services, but also help during negotiations and give helpful advice to maximize your returns during your business endavour in China.
Intepretation Services

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Need transportation?

If necessary, we can arrange transfer services to pick you up and transfer you between airports, hotels and the places you want to visit.
We can provide a large range of vehicles, including small buses & transporters or premium limousines.

transportation services

Top Services

Other services.

We are experts in custom manufacturing & product sourcing and assist with multiple services to ensure a smooth process.

We offer a one-stop solution so you can focus on doing what you're best at: Selling your product in your market.

Custom Manufacturing

Choose the right factory to manufacture your product. We help you identify the ideal factory that fits your standards

Shipping & Logistics

From warehouse storing to shipping arrangements, we can handle the entire journey of your products.


Planning your next business trip in China? We can assist as translators to ensure a flawless communication between you and your business partners.

Product Sourcing

Get the products you are searching for at low costs and superior quality. We helpyou find the exact specifications you require.


China is known for its ability for rapid prototyping across various industries. Fine-tune your products using the latest technologies in developmental evolution.

Factory Inspections

From warehouse storing to shipping arrangements, we handle assessments and supervision to ensure that everything goes according plan.

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