Personal assistance starting at 180 USD.

Many issues and bad experience that western people have when dealing with China are caused by poor communication.
As professional interpreters we not only help to overcome the language barrier, but also help understanding the Chinese mindset and assist during negotiations to lead the discussion in your favor.

Interpretation Services

How we help

Personal assistance

During business meetings, tours, factory visits, city trips and much more.
Optionally we help with arranging your accomodation and car transfers in Guangdong Province.


Over the past years we've talked to hundreds of suppliers, know the desires and concerns of them and are able lead negotiations in your favor to achieve cheaper prices or other benefits.

Intepretation Services

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Still unsure if we are the right one to help you? Let's have a quick call via WhatsApp, WeChat or Skype and let us convince you.
WeChat: kai_frbr
WhatsApp: +49 177 2950 951

Need transportation?

If necessary, we can arrange transfer services to pick you up and transfer you between airports, hotels and the places you want to visit.
We can provide a large range of vehicles, including small buses & transporters or premium limousines.

transportation services

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